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Monday, October 23, 2017

Miscellaneous Monday

First of all, it is raining.  I decided to go to the Y to walk but I couldn't find my Silver Sneakers or whatever it is called card.  I ended up just going without it.  The guy working the front desk looked me up on the computer so I was okay.  He said he would make me a new card if I wanted.  I think I can find my old card if I look long enough.

As I was looking for some thread on the floor yesterday, I came across these.

 I didn't know I bought two of them!  What an idiot!  One is from House of Stitches and one is from Inspired Needle.  That reminds me that I need to get back to working on Lesson #1.  I started it a while back but the over one makes progress very slow.

The bathrooms are clean.

Marly suggested that I make Flosstube videos.  I have thought about it but I'm not very tech savvy. I am also a bit shy for doing videos.  I like to watch FlossTube and I even have a Jimmy FlossTube t-shirt.  On Jimmy's latest video he shows a project bag made from one of his t-shirts.  I like that idea. 

I went up to the small Farmer's Market at the library yesterday.  I didn't really need anything but just wanted to see if the Bakery place was there (it wasn't) or if I could get some Salmon pate (they weren't there either).  I got some brussel sprouts on a big long stem.  We had some last night and they were good but what do I do with the leftover part? 

I tried to cut it off but I couldn't.  This morning DH got irritated with it being in the way and got a hand saw and cut off the stem so it could fit it in the refrigerator.

DH has been dragging stuff out of the crawl space to clean it out.  Most of the stuff I can just pitch.  One of the thing he dragged out the other day was a Strawberry Clock cross stitch kit from 1981.  Why couldn't I throw this away?  Maybe tomorrow.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Stitching Circle

I got the Silver Needle With a Little Help from Our Friends Stitching Circle kit in the mail yesterday.  It is a drum (if you want to make it that way, you don't have to) designed by Sam Sarah.
I love that everything is included.  I especially love that there are some jelly bellies in the box,  I don't have any photos of those as they were eaten immediately! 

Peoria Purple linen, chenille for the trim, wools for the top and bottom and all the threads.  There were some great pins included too.
One square inch of the red scissors fob got stitched.  Maybe if I get one square stitched each day it will be done by next Sunday.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 21, 2017


How is poor headless Dudley doing?  Much better now that he is all stitched.

Just a tad more (a branch and leaf) and this section is done.  Next is over one crowns and hearts.

I started the scissors fob that matches the red pin cushion from yesterday. 

I went to see Mary Chapin Carpenter last night.  It was very cool to see her in person.  Her voice has not diminished with age.  She was great as was her whole band.  I could have listened to her for another hour more.  When I was walking this morning I listened to her music on my Ipod. 

Today was the last Saturday Farmer's Market for the year.  I bought all I could carry.  I also got a cinnamon roll, yum!
We've had some really lovely days this week and today is beautiful. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

A Round Tuit

I finally got around to putting something on the back of the French pin cushion.

I decided on an "A" using the alphabet in the Fraktur Sewing Set II.  So then I had no excuse for not finishing it all off.

I put a piece of skirtex in the bottom and cut ten pieces of Warm 'n Natural for the filling.  I basted all the pieces together and put it in the pin cushion.  In hind sight, I probably should have put in a couple more Warm 'n Natural pieces but it is okay.

So it is all done!  I would like to make the scissors fob from this pattern.

 It is a cute cube shape and shouldn't take too long.

Tomorrow is the last Farmer's Market of the year.  This year has gone so fast. 
Dudley now has a head, I'll show you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


This week is whizzing by.  I got the Fraktur pin cushion all stitched.  I don't get to open the stand until next week but I wanted to see how it might look so I cut it out and serged the edges.  I did a running stitch around the edge.  I like it.

 There will be a piece of cardboard that goes into the bottom.  The directions say to sew the top to the cardboard (?) and then glue it to the stand.  We'll see. . .

I still have one more piece of the Fraktur Sewing Set II to stitch.  It is a biscornu.  It will be easier than the one I just finished.  But I need a break for a few days. 

I got my monthly Colour and Cotton floss.  Nice colors.

I get to go see Mary Chapin Carpenter tomorrow.  I was a big folk music fan in my youth so this is very cool. 
The walking is done and it looks like a very nice day.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I am so almost done with the Fraktur pin cushion that goes on a stand.

I think I can finish it today.

I got a book I ordered from France. 
 It shows four designs using the DMC Coloris threads.   There is a heart for each season:

I think they are very sweet.  I think an Italian lady designed them and the book isn't available in the US.  So when I saw if on a Facebook post, I ordered it.  It isn't cross stitch.  It looks to be pretty easy embroidery.  Now where did I put those Coloris threads?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day Two

We had our second day of the Sue Spargo class on Sunday.  Today we are working on stitches.  Half of me time was spent trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do.  I put some rick rack on the side of the alligator for some texture.  But I decided I liked what was recommended in the pattern better, double cast-on stitch.  So I took off the rick rack and looked up in Sue's book how to do the stitch.  I chose a variegated thread in green and I liked how it turned out.  I happened to sew on the alligator with it's mouth open.  So I thought I would put something in it's mouth.  BFF#2 thought I should put a snake in his mouth but I liked the idea of a red circle that could be an apple or a cherry. 

By the end of the day this is what I had accomplished. 

Everybody laid our their work and we got to see what everyone had done.  It was great to see everybody's ideas.  One person was working on a backpack.  How cool!

I bought a bunch of embellishments and threads.

I also bought a cute kit.

I started the kit yesterday and I'm ready to stitch on the birds.

It was a fun class and I'm glad we went.  However, I have a lot more work to do!!